When your future and your freedom is on the line, KLEIN will fight aggressively on your behalf to protect you and your rights.

Defence in a criminal case is considered to be the most prestigious service in the legal profession. It is a craft that only becomes an art through experience. It is very demanding. Effective defence in a criminal case is not possible without insight into human nature, without leadership skills, without real life and professional experience or without psychological intuition. Not until many years after being admitted to the bar and gaining distinct professional and forensic experience in commercial law did KLEIN exclusively devote himself to criminal defence. This distinguishes him from many colleagues and at the same time emphasises his expertise as counsel for the defence in cases involving economic offences. KLEIN knows what he is talking about when he is providing counsel for the defence. 

Defence is a fight. Not the ascertainment of the truth.

KLEIN defends people who have come into conflict with the law or judiciary. Defence is a fight. Not the ascertainment of the truth. It is the fundamental task of every defence lawyer to question purposeful investigations and to cast doubt on certainties. KLEIN is a stone lodged in the wheels of the justice system. And frequently the only ally that the defendant has left.